Quiet Corner Initiative - For Students

The Quiet Corner Initiative is a “living laboratory” for natural science and social science students where research and education meet the challenges of real world situations and where ideas can be tested and refined on the ground with community stakeholders.

While many school forests are used for research and technical training, the QCI gives professional students at the Yale School of of the Environment (YSE) a broader perspective on working landscapes, linking sustainable management with local communities. It provides an avenue where learned skills are brought to tangible problems that complement classroom lectures and work.

The long-term structure of QCI programs allows great opportunity for projects to persist through successive cohorts of students, continuously building upon the work of the precedent class to achieve lasting results on a large scale in both time and space. In this way, the Quiet Corner Initiative is designed to be a framework for collaboration with respect to the environmental education, research, and management goals of the Yale School Forests.