Yale Courses

Courses at YSE and across the university use the Yale Forests as an outdoor classroom and laboratory. Courses that have based some of their classes or projects at the School Forests in recent years include:

EVST 007a: The New England Forest

EVST 234a: Field Science: Environment and Sustainability

F&ES 679a: Plant Ecophysiology

F&ES 819b: Strategies for Land Conservation

F&ES 954a: Management Plans for Protected Areas

F&ES 659b: The Practice of Silviculture: Applied Forest Ecology

F&ES 660a: Forest Stand Dynamics

F&ES 669b: Forest Ecosystem Management and Operations

Other Educational Opportunities

Sustainable Forestry audit

QCI workshops

Dr. Craig Brodersen’s Plant Ecophysiology class in the Yale-Myers laboratory. Photo by Matthew Garrett.