Taylor Research Fellowship


The Taylor Research Fellowship awarda fellowship program offered through the Yale Forest Schooloffers competitive research grants to YSE-affiliated researchers to conduct research at the Great Mountain Forest in Northwest Connecticut. 

(Image from https://housatonicheritage.org/Places/great-mountain-forest-norfolk-cana…


Applications for 2021 will be evaluated on a rolling basis. Grants can be used to cover travel, lodgings, supplies, and equipment related directly to the proposed research. The fellowship administers grants to undergraduate, graduate, post-docs, and faculty.

Application materials are the same as for the YIBS Small Grants Program, and should include:

  • Applicant information:
    • Project Title
    • Applicant Name & Contact Information
    • Current Program and Year
    • Advisor’s Name and Department
  • Project Proposal:
    • Project Description (maximum 2 pages, single-spaced). The project description should identify the intellectual merit of your proposed work, its broader relevance, and describe the methods to be used.  
    • References (no limit).
  • Budget and Budget Justification (1 page).
  • Student applicants must also provide a letter of support from advisor

Applications should be submitted to YMFResearch@yale.edu.

Requirements for funded projects:

  • Submission of a School Forests research application;
  • Publishable quality work with acknowledgement to the Yale Forests and the fellowship;
  • End-of-year report on the project, including a 1-page research brief, and 3-5 pictures of the student, research, and project site, to be posted on the Yale Forests website;
  • Notify the Research Coordinator of any resulting publication and presentations.

Please direct any questions to the Research Manager (YMFResearch@yale.edu).