Dr. Mark Ashton

Faculty Profile and Research Interests

  Dr. Marlyse Duguid
Director of Research

Faculty Profile and Research Interests

Orefice Cows Dr. Joseph Orefice
Director of Forest & Agricultural Operations 
Faculty Profile and Research Interests



Laura Green
Naturalist Program Fellow & Research Coordinator

Laura coordinates research activity at the school forests, oversees a summer internship for students interested in field ecology, and supports natural history education. Laura is a field botanist, and her research interest is in understory plant communities. She graduated from F&ES with her MF in 2018. 


Frank Cervo
Forest Manager

Frank oversees management activity on the forest.  He graduated with his MF in 2019.

  Jess Wikle
QCI Program Manager

Graduate Student Employees

  Matt Gallagher, MF ‘19.5
Assistant Forest Manager
  Rosa Goldman, MF ‘19
Assistant Forest Manager
  Brendan Boepple, MEM ‘19
QCI Assistant

Austin Dziki, MF ‘20
QCI Assistant

Austin is Master of Forestry Candidate in the class of 2020. He works on community outreach, programming, and conservation planning for the Quiet Corner Initiative. He is interested in landscape scale forest conservation, sustainable livelihoods, and how global environmental issues relate to stakeholders and decision makers on the ground.

  Mark Foster, MF ‘19
TriLox Supply Chain Coordinator